Recent ramblings of thoughts

I am starting this with an uneasy feeling as I aim to do something a bit different, a bit more personal. My previous articles have been pretty thematic but lately my brain has not ejected enough coherent ideas to do a full report on any subject.

I blame it on the so-called “cosplay mode”, when my sewing machine and a bunch of pins have more appeal than a computer screen. But that means you expect cosplay-related posts in the near future.

Steampunk Belle Disney Cira Sendas
For those who may wonder how my cosplay look, this one is from October 2014 (copyright me)

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FE : Love Awakening #3 – Lissa ♥ Ricken, the childhood friends

Hello and welcome to another session of our Love Awakening series featuring today Lissa and Ricken.

Lissa Ricken FE:A
Aren’t they adorable ?! (source: not sure)

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Album review – Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Nightwish

So, I have not talked about Nightwish in the last 3 articles, let me now fangirl a bit. From my previous rambling, it should come to no surprise that  I would “review” -with my very modest music enthusiast skills- their new album. Endless Forms Most Beautiful was released yesterday in the UK, ending the long wait for an opus that was expected to bring with it the wind of change.

Endless Forms Most Beautiful Cover Nightwish
“My Preciousssss”

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Book review: Jim Butcher’s Storm Front (The Dresden Files #1)

For those who may not know, I may have already talked of games, films, music, but my one thing is books. Books are my thing; not that I am an expert at them, I just happen to love them (hence the title of the category).

I love the feel of them, I love how they make me feel in a different reality better than any screen, how flexible is their meanings and how they can convey anything I need when I need it. I love the good ones and I even like the bad ones because there is always something to learn from it.

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Best article on Ghostbuster(s), the reboot war

A lot has been going on since the announcement came from Sony that their Ghostbuster reboot will feature a female cast as the 4 main characters. A lot can indeed be thought about it, from why the choice was made to how it was announced passing by why we should care at all.

As much as I have my own views on the many aspects of the subject, I am mostly happy that the actresses who signed for it seem great for a sci-fi comedy.

And there came the boys to set the Internet on fire a second time. Sony at least managed to build up a lot of attention for two potential films that are both barely in pre-production.

I was not particularly looking for more information on the matter (as I said, I have my own views) but as I stumbled over a Wired article titled “Ghostbusters should have been left to the girls” I worried it was another piece aimed at exploiting the Internet capacity for trolling in order to maximise the number of views.

Trolling there is, as well as a good amount of genuine narrow-mindedness, but only in the comments. If you can get passed the click-bait title (a website gotta make money), the rest of the article is a wonderful analysis that reflects my own sentiment on  the situation. I am grateful to the author for putting so clearly that no matter who is cast and for what reason, Ghostbuster deserves to be an awesome reboot that will be judged for its cinematographic aspects and not for creating the biggest debate of 2015.

If you fancy a read : “Ghostbusters should have been left to the girls” by Angela Watercutter, Wired 14.03.15

FE : Love Awakening #2 – Olivia ♥ Vaike, the teacher/schoolgirl fantasy (?)

Yes indeed, it is time for some more Love Awakening. Now, as promised, let us talk about my second pairing: Vaike & Olivia.

Vaike Olivia Fire Emblem
Yep, this pairing makes me uncomfortable too

I must say, I did not end up being overly fond of that one. Besides providing interesting stats for Inigo, what I had imagined is that by pairing two very different characters, they would each encourage the other out of their shell to grow into their better selves. I thought Vaike would give more confidence to Olivia and that she would in return let Vaike show his demons and weaknesses. In the end this is not what I got but let see first how those worked together in a fight.

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Today’s lesson: never trust a single

If asked I will willingly admit to be a Nightwish fan … a late fan but a fan nonetheless. I was lucky enough to be introduced to them just in time for Once (2004). I was hooked at Nemo, I was buying a ring and offering myself in marriage at Ghost Love Score, the rest is history.

I was unlucky enough not to ever see them live with their original singer whose departure could have been the end of my young love. Which makes me also admit that I am, in all aspects, a loyal fan. Whatever I start fancying, it takes a serious musical offense to shake me off. For Within Temptation, Hydra was were I drew the line but who can blame me when comparing an Ice Queen to … their latest work.

Elsa Frozen Disney
“How could you forsake me so ?” Frozen (c) Disney

I have stuck with Nightwish so far through 2 new singers, 2 albums, 4 tours and what I perceive as a serious shift in their core fanbase. Nothing could make me stop loving their music which has been evolving yet consistent.

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