FE : Love Awakening #1 – Sully ♥ Kellam, the magnetic polarities

So it appears I have recently developed an addiction for the Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD title Fire Emblem : Awakening. And when I say addiction I mean a I-will-sleep-with-your-picture-and-see-you-in-my-dreams addiction. I am not kidding, I was reliving my battles in my sleep from the very first day of playing the game and continue to do so weeks later. But never mind that.

Truth is I had never played a tactics game before and I love it. I love also how little the tutorial actually tells you about the mechanics and how much you get to figure out by yourself. What I wished I had looked into early on however is the support system. As a result of my ignorance, I ended up getting MyUnit/Avatar (female) married by force to Chrom, who I personally think is a pretty boring character. I mean, he has his uses on the battlefield, but as a husband ? Not worthy of my awesome bad-ass Avatar from hell, no sir !

FE:A Kellam Sully http://clasped.tumblr.com/
Tell me those two are not perfect for each other
Art (c) http://clasped.tumblr.com/ (I think)

So today, I want to celebrate my first pairing which was not an arranged wedding, the attracted opposites, namely ♥ Kellam and Sully ♥.

I must admit, I first paired them following a recommendation in order to get good stats for Sully’s daughter. But as they battled together and as their support dialogue developed I fell in love with their interaction.

Let’s look at it in a bit more depth, shall we ?

[Disclaimer] This is not an article to advise a specific pairing strategy but only my own observations resulting from my personal playthrough (and I am a sucky gamer so don’t take my word for gold, I certainly don’t). Also, potential spoiler.

Battle-wise : The first thing I noticed with Kellam and Sully is how quickly their support developed during a fight. They are great for pair-up, with Sully giving more mobility to Kellam, and Kellam reinforcing Sully’s defenses. They both have ranged attacks which makes the pair a very versatile one ; I had leveled Sully faster than Kellam so at first kept him as a range attacker while Sully dealt the melee blows. This helped fighting with stronger foes and Kellam quickly caught up with his sweetheart.

I am now around mid-game and have upgraded Kellam to General (doesn’t he look dashing ?) and Sully to Great Knight. Not only does it make a lot of sense to me but it also makes them a highly impregnable tank of a couple, ideal as a second defensive line. Sure they share a weakness in magic resistance but they are worth the risk and adapting my strategy around it.

Relationship-wise : (here is my favourite part) first of, ok, their support dialogue is not very deep. It is pretty much them arguing around the idea of who needs defending who. We do not learn anything about their past or different aspect of their personalities. But I think this is why they would work great together ; they are both straightforward no-nonsense people. They are honest and loyal and would not accept anything less from their partner for the relationship to work.

The interesting part is that even if Kellam respects Sully from the start (as he respects everyone we can assume) he has to earn her respect by being at least as stubborn, if not as fire-headed, as she is. On the other hand, once she realises she cannot scare him away, Sully finally understands she does not have to take everything on her own shoulder and that she can trust somebody else than herself.

In the future we can imagine Sully helping Kellam breaking out of his shell (figuratively AND literally, and by that I mean getting him out of his full-plates for some steamy action in the armoury)  while he would help rein in her fiery temperament without stepping on her toes.

FE:A Kellam Sully http://mocha-shortcake.tumblr.com/
“So, cutie, what’s hidden under all this metal?” “Uuuh … *senpai notice me*” ♥
Art (c) http://mocha-shortcake.tumblr.com/ (I think)

To sum-up, they are my lovely bibies and I am glad they were my first voluntary FE:A marriage. Next one up, Vaike x Olivia.


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