FE : Love Awakening #2 – Olivia ♥ Vaike, the teacher/schoolgirl fantasy (?)

Yes indeed, it is time for some more Love Awakening. Now, as promised, let us talk about my second pairing: Vaike & Olivia.

Vaike Olivia Fire Emblem
Yep, this pairing makes me uncomfortable too

I must say, I did not end up being overly fond of that one. Besides providing interesting stats for Inigo, what I had imagined is that by pairing two very different characters, they would each encourage the other out of their shell to grow into their better selves. I thought Vaike would give more confidence to Olivia and that she would in return let Vaike show his demons and weaknesses. In the end this is not what I got but let see first how those worked together in a fight.

Olivia Battle-wise: Neither of them is my favourite pawns to use on the board. Vaike took forever to level up and was originally quite weak. Olivia is even worse not to say almost useless. I know that with a lot of grinding both can become decent characters but oh boy do those two try my patience. The good thing however is that at the right level, Vaike has a tendency not to one-shot his adversary. This gives the opportunity to pair him up with Olivia so she could occasionally get to safely hit a foe or even get the final kill. In his original Fighter form I did not find Vaike’s movement sufficient and having Olivia dancing for him certainly helped as well.

Overall, their battlefield relationship developed fast and it was not the worst pairing I could have made. It was a functional couple useful to level both characters up even if it did not help either to overcome their fundamental weaknesses. However, I am not playing on a hard difficulty and can afford to put those two in danger. In a different setting, I am not sure this combination would work so well.

eff8397f8d1985e1d48d85185a478409Relationship-wise: As I said earlier, I had high expectations for this and was bitterly disappointed. I think the weakness of their support could mainly be attributed to Olivia being a bleak stereotyped character. But if I get over my dislike of pink, I have to admit that from the start they have irreconcilable differences. Vaike does not have enough emotional depth to understand Olivia’s sensitivity while she is not strong enough to stand up to him. Their interaction quickly turns into an unbalanced one, with Vaike clearly overpowering Olivia. This is demonstrated at the end of their support when he says “I will be doing the talkin’ for the both of us”. Even if she agrees to the arrangement, it does not give her the opportunity to grow as a person and with Vaike not understanding her finer feelings she would not have anybody to share all those emotions and would wither into sadness.

Vaike may feel cherished and admired by Olivia while she feels protected and that could work for a while. But in the FE:A settings, I think Olivia would always overly worry about Vaike on the battlefield and be distracted by fear while he would feel obliged to protect her. They would end up getting themselves killed which is, as I said, what would have happened if I played on higher difficulty.

So, That’s a nOTP for me. And I think it might be for a quite a few people as I did not find any fanart. I found however a lot of Henry/Olivia pictures which strikes me as utter nonsense beside the fact that they both appear quite late in the story and other choices might already be taken. I will explore this support in any case to try and understand why this couple seems successful online.

I am not sure who I will pair Vaike and Olivia with in my next playthrough. I have not managed to get Inigo yet but he seems to me his behaviour is a mix of Olivia’s and Virion’s but I do not like this match either. I am thinking about Ricken as I do not like him much either and I am hoping for two negatives to turn into a positive.

Speaking of which, my next Love Awakening will feature Lissa and Ricken. Stay tuned!


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