Best article on Ghostbuster(s), the reboot war

A lot has been going on since the announcement came from Sony that their Ghostbuster reboot will feature a female cast as the 4 main characters. A lot can indeed be thought about it, from why the choice was made to how it was announced passing by why we should care at all.

As much as I have my own views on the many aspects of the subject, I am mostly happy that the actresses who signed for it seem great for a sci-fi comedy.

And there came the boys to set the Internet on fire a second time. Sony at least managed to build up a lot of attention for two potential films that are both barely in pre-production.

I was not particularly looking for more information on the matter (as I said, I have my own views) but as I stumbled over a Wired article titled “Ghostbusters should have been left to the girls” I worried it was another piece aimed at exploiting the Internet capacity for trolling in order to maximise the number of views.

Trolling there is, as well as a good amount of genuine narrow-mindedness, but only in the comments. If you can get passed the click-bait title (a website gotta make money), the rest of the article is a wonderful analysis that reflects my own sentiment on  the situation. I am grateful to the author for putting so clearly that no matter who is cast and for what reason, Ghostbuster deserves to be an awesome reboot that will be judged for its cinematographic aspects and not for creating the biggest debate of 2015.

If you fancy a read : “Ghostbusters should have been left to the girls” by Angela Watercutter, Wired 14.03.15


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